Winda Trisuci Giveaway!

Hai guys!

So for now, i'm gonna tell you guys that i'm joining Winda Trisuci's Giveaway! omg you guys should check out her blog. For this postI'mm gonna tell why i should win this giveaway

let's start with the first word of "Winda"
W: Wow! i'm so excited about the giveaway. I love the prizes tho.
I: If i'm the winner of this giveaway i'm gonna make a review the product ci Winda!
N: No matter if i'm the first winner or second or third.
D: Don't you know, you are very amazing ci! you are so talented to make some review on your blog!
A: Ainun gonna win this giveaway. Because i love the way you tell us the product that you review.

So that's it guys my reason why i should win this giveaway :)
If you guys want to join the giveaway go check her blog on she is amazing!



  1. Hi dear, thank you ya udah ikutan giveaway aku ^_~ to bad yang ikutan kurang dari 10 orang, kalau kamu bersedia mengganti ongkos kirim hadiahnya, kontak aku di dengan subjek GIVEWAY WINNER ya :) thanks


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